Editorial – My Fears for Ghostbusters


If you spend time in the online film world as I do then you are no doubt aware of the controversy that has been hanging around the Ghostbusters reboot.  This has centred around the all female cast and the accusations of sexism levelled against the largely male nerd audience that has objected to the change to the original.  More recently a couple of trailers were released which was again met with howls of derision from sceptics and cries of misogyny from its defenders.  As for my reaction I won’t lie.  I hated it with a near violent passion.  I ran down the stairs and stood over my wife until she had watched the trailer on her laptop and agreed with me that it was a terrible trailer.

My natural reaction was to run back upstairs and start blogging but I resisted this urge as I thought I would be lost in the noise.  Somewhat removed from the initial release of the first trailers I have decided to write what is hopefully a considered piece on why I don’t think this version of Ghostbusters is going to work with a little bit of a whinge thrown in.  So without further ado here are my issues/concerns for the new ghost fighting quadruplets:

  • The opening 30 seconds put me on the back foot.  My understanding is that this is a reboot so why start invoke the memory of the original!  I am old enough to have watched this in the cinema and I have a two-disc special edition DVD so you play with those memories at your own risk.  I will not be held responsible for my actions in the immediate aftermath of this film if this is the game we are playing.  You seem to be implying its the same universe but clearly it is not.
  • The original Ghostbusters was more than just a comedy.  It had some moments of horror, drama, action and scenes of real terror.  The new version looks like a Paul Feig film with the Ghostbusters brand slapped on the front.
  • The original Ghostbusters was plausible.  This might sound like a stretch to some but go back and watch the film.  It felt grounded in the streets of New York, it was grey and brown and dirty.  It has a cinematic feel, not a series of sketches tagged together.
  • Adding to the sense of realism was the performance of Sigourney Weaver.  She played it straight and when it was time for her to be scared she committed.  This helped to raise the film to a new level.
  • OK so the new version looks like its going to be a straight comedy.  One problem, it’s not even funny.  A vomit gag really!  Slapping a women for a second time when it’s clear the ghost has left!  Breasts on a ghost!  That’s the best you’ve got … good grief.

These were my main thoughts and I’m sure I’ll be kicking myself later tonight when I remember a bunch of pithy lines I forgot to add.  Very interested to hear what you have to think about the remodelled Ghostbusters.  Let me know via your comments.


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