UK Box Office – 1st to 3rd April

BvS nose dives – sound familiar?


To a point I could do a cut and paste of my blog from Monday on the US box office as Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice took a bit of a dip over its second weekend falling 68% with takings of £4.7m.    Feel good sports drama Eddie the Eagle had a decent opening with £2.8m and if you haven’t seen this film yet you should, it’ll put a smile on your face.  The top three was rounded out by Zootropolis (aka Zootopia) with £2.7m although it’s not quite enjoying the same success as in the US falling 49% week on week.  What would be interesting to know would be the numbers for the weekend of previews that took place before it officially opened as this could have impacted its second weekend results.

The best film in cinemas last weekend was 10 Cloverfield Lane which is currently hanging out in 6th place and £0.4m.  The film has managed a respectable £4.4m since release although personally I think it deserved to do better.  There are a few new releases this weekend headed by The Huntsman: Winter’s War.  Midnight Special is the one I’m looking forward to with Hardcore Henry a close second.  It’s got itself an 18 certificate which is really hard to achieve nowadays so I’m bracing myself.

What are your thoughts on the performance of BvS?  Let me know in the comments.

Data sourced from BFI.


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