The Huntsman: Winter’s War (2016) – Film Review

It’s the sequel nobody asked for …


The Huntsman is a prequel and sequel (yes you did read that right) that covers at least a 30 year time period from when The Huntsman (Liam Hemsworth) was taken from his village as a young boy, to beginning a love affair with Sara (Jessica Chastain) through to seven years past the events of the first film when Snow White has sent the mirror away and The Huntsman is concerned it could fall into the wrong hands.  In parallel the evil Ravenna (Charlize Theron) is relieving Kings of their kingdoms (in the past) and it turns out she has a sister called Freya (Emily Blunt) who does not posses any magic power.  That is until a tragic event turns her into a snow/ice queen and she sets about creating her own kingdom training up the likes of The Huntsman and Sara to be her elite soldiers.

As you can probably gather there’s a lot of story to get through in less than two hours hence everyone’s favourite Irish/American actor Liam Neeson is brought on board to act as narrator as a classic lazy story telling device.  He allows the film to travel vast distances in space and time in a matter of seconds.  The movie is further undermined by the fact that it isn’t very interesting.  There are ill-fated attempts at humour that includes an appallingly misjudged ‘comedic’ turn by stand up Rob Brydon that had me grinding my teeth every time he opened his mouth.  In fact the whole dwarf thing as a whole was a disaster and better wiped from the memory.  I know this isn’t the trendy thing to say but I’m not the biggest fan of Emily Blunt and as I suspected she shrinks into the background when Theron is on screen.

The most memorable part of this film is Chastain’s attempt at a Scottish accent which is as successful as that of Mr Hemsworth … I assume the accent was to show they came from the same village but another boy they are kidnapped with speaks with an American accent from start to finish so read into that what you will.  Incest?  If you are on a budget take my advice and avoid this film.  My rating 2/5.


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