Captain America: Civil War (2016) – Film Review

A film that pretty much lives up to the hype


The Marvel jugonaut continues to roll as the third Captain America film hits theatres with the Russo brothers returning to direct following the success of Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014).  The Avengers (that we saw at the end of Age of Ultron) are on a mission in Lagos. Nigeria when civilians in an office building are caught up in the carnage.  The mission succeeds in preventing a biological weapon finding its way into the hands of the bad guy but at what cost?  That question is at the heart of this film and the conflict to come between Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) and Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jnr)

The film kinda copies the story arc of the previous Avengers films.  The team starts together before finding itself at odds before finding some common ground.  That being said Civil War is far more successful in setting up the tension and slowly ups the stakes before the inevitable confrontation between the two camps.  That confrontation is a pretty epic 17 minute sequence at a German airport in which every character is given a chance to show off their powers.  What is amazing about this film is how well it handles the many different story lines and character development required to involve the audience as well as it does.  With a two-hour thirty running time it doesn’t rush itself but if we remember what a mess Batman v Superman was Civil War is a triumph in comparison.

The film isn’t perfect as some of the Spider Man CGI is a little rough around the edge and there is some truth to the criticism that some of the Avengers aren’t always taking the situation all that seriously.  Some of the witty banter during the airport scene undermines the tension of the moment and didn’t sit well with me.  All in all these little gripes shouldn’t put you off.  I’ll be going back for a second and possibly a third viewing.  Having given it some thought this is my favourite Marvel movie and it will be interesting to see how the situation at the end of the film will play out when the Infinity War films come around.  My rating 4/5.


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