Personal Blog – Holiday Means A Break From Posting

A Welcome Break

Next week is my first proper break from work this year so it is very welcome.  For what it’s worth I’m off to a small village near Wareham in Dorset which for foreign readers is just a few miles from the south coast.  Southampton is the nearest big city and its an easy trip to reach Dorchester.  Travel time is five hours without a break although I’ll take at east two to make it as easy ride and I think the weather is going to play ball.

Not sure how lucky I’m going to be next week but fingers crossed.  I’m glamping again staying in a fancy pod with TV and beds and for £45 a night I ain’t complaining.  Have three days planned out albeit not sure what order – Swanage & steam railway, Monkey World (again) and a walk along the Wareham Forest Way (and back which is about 26 miles).

This means no movies this weekend although the only thing I’m messing is Bad Neighbours 2.  I’ll catch up with that next week along with a second viewing of Captain America: Civil War.  If I hadn’t spent so much time cleaning my car I would have posted my review for Everyone Wants Some (2016) as I saw a preview earlier this week.  Funny in parts but its one of those films where nothing really happens.  Here’s a few photos:






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