Everybody Wants Some!! (2016) – Film Review

Doesn’t really go anywhere


Apparently there are two exclamation points in the title!!  Fresh from his Oscar success with Boyhood (2014) Richard Linklater returns to our screens with this tale of student life in the 1980’s.  This film follows the antics of college freshman Jake (Blake Jenner) over the weekend before the start of classes.  He is at the college on the basis of his ability as a pitcher and moves into a house with his new team mates.  The remainder of the movie is then about meeting each of his quirky new pals and meeting girls.

I’d love to say this film had something new to say about the human condition but sadly it doesn’t.  To be fair to it, it is funny, features a great soundtrack and is full of period detail.  However I want films to go on a ‘journey’, to present our hero with challenge or predicament or better yet a learning experience which is what I expected here.  Instead a bunch o’ stuff happens but the story doesn’t go anywhere.  In fact the movie ends just as I thought it was about to get going.  I have heard comment that the characters featured are shallow and obsessed with nothing but going out and sleeping with girls.  While I acknowledge that to a point I would argue that the film holds up a mirror to reflect the darker side of young male culture which is obsessed with the next party and female conquest.  It’s no accident there are ongoing advertising campaigns aimed at young men suggesting they shouldn’t be groping women in nightclubs, controlling what their girlfriends wears etc.  I would have thought this was stating the obvious but a chunk of tax payers money is being spent on this so there is clearly a worry somewhere in government.  It’s easy to dismiss some of this stuff as youthful banter but there is a dark side to the average Saturday night out that many appear to feel uncomfortable in acknowledging.

Everybody Wants Some!! won’t be troubling the awards season in 2017 but there is fun to be had if you let it wash over you and can find it within yourself to engage with these characters.  If you don’t enjoy spending time with this group then its going to a long 90+ minutes.  It had enough to keep me entertained hence my rating is a solid 3/5.



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