Are audiences seeing the light with Transformers?


I’ll hold my hand up.  I haven’t seen the current Transformers film.  I probably will but it will be in my own time and at my own discretion.  No more rushing down on a Friday afternoon to have my senses assaulted in the most unpleasant manner.  It didn’t stop me having a little chuckle when I saw the opening weekend figures in the US although it led to fears that a North American audience was actually seeing sense ahead of the far better educated and cultured Brits.  The film managed $44.7m (actuals) over the weekend compared to circa $100m for Age of Extinction.

It was therefore with some fear and trepidation that I read the weekend UK box office results on The Guardian website.  While hardly conclusive it would appear that my fellow Brits haven’t let the side down.  According to The Guardian the film topped the UK charts after netting £4.6m on its opening weekend.  Not bad but Age of Extinction managed over £11m and Dark of The Moon about £10m.  It is true these figures were boosted by previews but this the first evidence we have that the tide is turning.  All we need to do now is take our campaign of defiance to China and Korea and convince them that narrative and character development count for something and Bud Light doesn’t actually taste that good.

So join me my brothers and sisters and let’s have a whip round to send yours truly on an all expenses trip to China which in the true spirit of cultural exchange will necessitate a trip to the Great Wall and the Terracotta Warriors … and maybe some Panda’s.  They’re really cute.  A Just Giving website will be established shortly.  Please give generously, the very future of humanity may just depend on it.


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