Hillbillies & Circus Freaks

Well a couple of interesting trailers have dropped today.  Logan Lucky features Channing Tatum as a well how do I put this … southern gentleman who is somewhat down on his luck who comes up with a crazy scheme to steal some money during a big car race.  He involves his one-armed brother played by Adam Driver and recruits explosives expert Daniel Craig.  What stands out in the trailer is the current/former James Bond star who appears to be as camp as Christmas but I have to admit his accent seems pretty good in a role that he appears to have embraced with both arms.  I’m still to be won over by Tatum but hopefully his quality cast mates will help carry the film.  Check it out below using the link and let me know your thoughts.


In distinct contrast is the latest song and dance epic to feature Huge Action or Hugh Jackman as I believe he prefers to be known.  In The Greatest Showman he plays legendary circus impresario P. T. Barnum.  This is going to be an origins story as he leads his family on a wild ride with a starry cast that features Zac Efron, Rebecca Ferguson, Michelle Williams and Zendaya.  What appears clear from the trailer through what it chooses to show and the song track you can hear in the background is that the film makers are making a conscious effort to reflect the times we live in.  This is going to be a celebration of diversity and being who you are.  Not sure how well that plays into the reality of P. T. Barnum and how he built his brand but I suspect the movie isn’t necessarily striving for that gritty reality.  Might want to rethink the title of this blog post …  Anyhow give it a watch and feel warm and fuzzy inside.



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