How much Bond can you handle?


There’s a theory in physics that the universe that we inhabit is just one of many parallel universes that co-exist with as many variations of our planet and galaxy as you can imagine.  For a long time I haven’t been convinced by the argument but I’m thinking of changing my tune.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water or back to your local picture house there is a report doing the rounds that the producers of the James Bond franchise are considering their own cinematic universe.  It all kicked off when US movie reporter Jeff Schneider sent out a tweet that there was a desire to explore other areas of the Bond franchise.  My response is what other areas of the franchise?  It starts and stops with James Bond.  They can’t go with a Q or M stand-alone because they will inevitably interact with bond.  Perhaps Vesper Lynd is coming back from the dead or what about Pussy Galore?  The one practical example I could think about was a Felix Leiter movie about the US intelligence services that could operate in parallel with the world of Bond with an inevitable cameo from the eponymous hero.

Creatively I don’t see it but I understand the business case.  Bond movies are a bit sporadic and you can never predict when they are going to come out.  Therefore if you a producer you want a more regular income but the risk is massive in this case.  Star Wars and Marvel are all encompassing brands that you can stick at the start of the movie and people will flock in their tens of thousands.  They might not all be billion dollar super hits but there’s a good chance you’ll see your money back.  Well that’s what I think.  Do  you want to see more Bond movies featuring the minor characters?  Is there a franchise out there that desperately deserves its own cinematic universe?  Let me know in the comments below.


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